Saturday, July 30, 2011

August 3 in 30 Goals

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am struggling to find balance.  I feel like my days keep getting away from me and my to-do list is never done. I have decided to join the 3 in 30 group to get myself refocused for August.  Even though I am not a practicing RN anymore, my brain still thinks like one.  Therefore, I have to have measurable goals that I can see whether or not I achieved them.  So here are my three for August:

1.  Complete the last of my homework for Beth Moore's Believing God study.  Our group actually watched the last video on Tuesday and I still have a week's worth of homework to do.  I'm thinking I can get it done in a month. ;)

2.  Do the 31 Days to Clean Challenges.  It just so happens that August has 31 days and I can complete all of the challenges in that time frame.

3.  Have my 8 year old help me prepare 2 meals a week.  My guy, Jay, thinks he wants to be a chef (among other things like an author, a scientist, an's good to be 8 and have your whole life in front of you).  I could use the help in the kitchen and it would teach him some very important life skills, like how to hold a knife.

Please feel free to share with me how you achieve your personal goals.  I would love to know!

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