Friday, June 17, 2011

It's time for a Fitness Challenge!

I did a fitness challenge through my facebook page back in January and it was such a success, that I have decided to do another one.  Please feel free to join no matter what your fitness goals are!  Here are the details:

Need some extra fitness motivation this summer?  Join this Biggest Loser Style Challenge.

Fit Challenge
Want to WIN some money and lose weight???

*For 30 days, you need to workout 4-5 days/week. I will provide you with an Exercise Log so you can track your workouts.

*The Challenge officially starts 07/05/11 for one month. It will end on 08/05/11. Winner will be announced on 08/06/11.

*Email me ( ) your weight and measurements sometime between now and 07/01/11

*At the end of each week, email me your weight.

*At the end of the challenge, email me your weight and measurements again.

*The winner will be determined by highest percentage of weight loss over 30 days.

*The prize will be at least $50 and will increase by $50 for every 5 people that join the challenge. 1-5 people =$50, 6-10 = $100, 11-15 = $150 and so on. If 100 people join, the prize will be $1000!!!! Get your friends, neighbors, co-workers that you like to compete with, and family to join!

*Cost is $10 mailed/Paypal to Rebecca Oaks OR purchase a Beachbody workout program or Shakeology from *****If you are already on Shakeology home direct, you can join at no charge and still qualify for the prize money! :)******

*Payment must be received by me by July 1st to be included in the challenge

* ADVANTAGE- you don't have to commit to any in-person workouts or meetings! This challenge can be done wherever you are, even if you go on vacation during the 30 days - everything is done online!

*We are going on the honor system here, so please be honest about your weight loss.