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Right now I am doing Beth Moore's Believing God Bible Study.  This was actually the first of her studies I did about 4 years ago.  Since then, I have done about nine of hers.  I love the way she teaches.  The word studies, the application, her depth of biblical knowledge, all speak to me.  I re-started this one with a friend and I thought I was doing it for her.  But, day 2 into the thing and I realize I need it desperately.

Today's homework taught that God rewards those who seek him diligently.  One of the questions posed was "What obstacles do you encounter that keep you from seeking the Lord diligently?".  This immediately brought to my mind Jesus' parable of the Sower in Luke chapter 8 verses 1-15.  It is the cares of this world that keep me from seeking God continually.  Let's face it.  I am mother to four growing children.  I have a husband with a very busy schedule. I am on many committees and in organizations.  I love to read and I try to find some time for that.  I NEED to workout on a daily basis.  I've got a lot going on. (As do most people!)  What does "diligently seeking the Lord" look like?  How can I live that out and still take care of all of my responsibilities and personal needs?


.....still thinking.......

.........., that's not it........

Here is where Beth and I always get into trouble.  I have this pretty serious left brain thing going on that functions on to-do lists and concrete examples.  She gives answers like this:

"Pray for what you lack!  When we pray God's will, we will receive what we ask!  Pray for a heart and a mind that diligently seek Him.  Then immediately begin walking in faith as one who already has what she has asked.  Start seeking God through His Word and spending time in prayer, and the same time asking Him for a hunger and thirst to seek Him diligently.  He will develop in you what you are seeking!" - Believing God Member Book page 15.

I already do quiet time every morning (check!), I pray everyday (check!), oh wait, what is that she said about praying for a hunger and thirst to seek Him diligently?  I'm not doing that one yet.  I'll have to work on that one, but what will continually seeking Him look like in my daily life?  How does it look in yours?


  1. Very good question. I need to think about that one a bit more. I'm glad you asked.

  2. Funny...we were just talking about pretty much the same thing at bible study Tuesday night. I'm not sure we quite figured it all out...sometimes, for me, it's as simple as getting out of bed at 5 a.m. when the alarm goes off even though I'd rather bury myself under the covers and go back to sleep for a couple more hours.