Friday, April 15, 2011

Distance - 5 Minute Friday

This week's prompt from Gypsy Mama is on distance.


The space between too points.

Where does the most distance lie in my life?  I would say that distance is between the person I am and the person that I want to be.  I struggle so hard with knowing what is right and doing it.  After a total meltdown with my kids yesterday, I keep wondering when is it going to get better?

When will my selfishness end?  When will I not be a slave to the schedule and circumstances?  When will I truly start living intentionally?

I feel like days, sometimes weeks, go by that I am achieving those goals.  There is focus and control.  But then one little boy gets mad at ME because he can't ride his bike yet.  One little girl is a hoarder in the making. And another little boy is being mischievous at school.  The volcano blows and out spews ugliness that I didn't even know lived in there.

This distance, between my desire and reality, is also distancing me from God and His will for me.  He wants consistent fruit, not occasional fruit with mostly nuts.  How can He bless me where I am when I am so often focused on me and my wants?


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