Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Minute Friday - If You Met Me

Today I am linking up to Gypsy Mama's blog.  She has given a prompt to write about for just 5 minutes.  Today's prompt is "If you met me..."  Let's see where this takes us.

If you met me....

You would see that I get a bit nervous meeting new people, but once I am comfortable, I will probably tell you a story about my family.  I've got some great quotes and I like to tell people the ages of my kids just to see how many questions they ask. ;)  

You would also see that I slouch too much, I wear the same jewelry all the time and my nails are always a mess no matter how hard I try.  You would probably hear me sigh in frustration at my kids one minute and then laugh with them the next.  They keep me on an emotional roller coaster.  

I would ask you lots of questions because I love to hear everyone else's stories. (We all have one!) And it is much easier for me to get you talking than to come up with something interesting to say.  

You would definitely see that my favorite color is green because I am always wearing it, even if it is just on my toes.  Speaking of toes, you would see how little I like shoes because, odds are, I am wearing flip-flops. :)


Wow, that was harder than I thought.    

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