Friday, March 11, 2011

Things that are easier while my hubby is gone

My man is out of town this weekend for some training in Florida.  I am so jealous as he complains of being "chilly" in 61 degree weather because the breeze coming from the water is a bit brisk.  We have snow in Ohio, I'll take ocean breezes any day!  But I digress.  I am learning that certain things are a little easier when he's not around.  Here are my top 10:

1.  It's easier to get out of bed in the morning when I don't have his nice, warm body to cuddle with.
2.  It's easier to have a messy kitchen because he's not here to clean up after my dinner mess.  (He ALWAYS does the dinner dishes when he's here)
3.  It's easier to to have long conversations on the telephone.
4.  It's easier to let the kids have a campout on the floor in our bedroom.
5.  It's easier to chat with my teenage son and his buddies who are here because that is as close as I am going to get to face-to-face adult conversation.
6.  It's easier to avoid the accounting work that I need to do because he is not here to help me install the backup files.
7.  It's easier to watch my 6 year old grin ear-to-ear while daddy tells him how proud he is that the boy behaved at school.
8.  It's easier to give extra hugs and kisses to the kids because I can say that they are from daddy.
9.  It's easier to forget to feed the dogs.
10.  It's easier to miss him like crazy!

He's only gone for three days, but I am soooo ready for him to come home...NOW!


  1. This is so different and creative compared to words most others post. Lovely family and you are also loved. Lyn Benavides

  2. You are very sweet, Lyn! Thank you!