Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Closet - After

I completed the closet yesterday (Saturday) afternoon at 5:00 PM.  It was quite the project and of course, I had several interruptions.  But I got it done.  I ended up with 4 bags of clothes to be donated and only a few things to throw away.  

For a reminder of the before, click here.

I am much happier with the shelves now.  They seem to make more sense.

I moved my sweatshirts/jackets to the left hand corner of this section so they weren't crowding out my more delicate shirts.

My skirts on the left then extra hangers then hubby's shirts.

Hubby's corner.  I did nothing here except for cleaning out that box, stacking his knee braces and making sure his clothes were on black hangers.  Some of my green hangers ended up on his side and we can't have that! ;)

This is the pile of things that were donated

This dress was Regan's treasure of the day. My mom made it for me several years ago when I was Worthy Advisor for Rainbow Girls.  I debated letting go of this, but Regan is going to keep it for dress up.  She loves it! 

I am so glad I did this and I can't wait to move onto the rest of the house.  One of the items I gave away brought up a discussion between me and the Hubby.  It was something that was very special to a family member and was handed on to me.  I have no emotional attachment to it all, but was entrusted with it's care taking by someone who will check on it from time to time.  

This leads me to the question: What do YOU do with hand-me-down "treasures" that are not treasures to you at all?  What is your level of commitment to them?  Am I destined to have a box of attic stuff of all the things I felt obligated to keep?

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