Monday, March 28, 2011

Makeover Monday - The Office Version

I am a couple of weeks behind on Simple Mom's de-cluttering challenge.  Yesterday, I attacked our paper work in the basement office.  The office is definitely my nemesis.  It is essentially a junk drawer that pretends to be a room.  It took a lot of personal pep talk to get me down there with my trash bags, duster and vacuum cleaner.

Here are the before pictures:

This used to be my desk space until my computer was moved to the kitchen.  Much more practical for me to be upstairs instead of hiding out in the "dungeon".
The fax machine, lots of paper work, boxes, misc. picture frames.

The "Man Cave" corner of the office.  The hubby's and my oldest's computers.  Perfect for late night games of World of Warcraft.

The oldest and his clutter.

And now for the after photos.  I am SO BUMMED that I did not get a before picture of the bookcases.  They were a disaster and I completely rearranged them.

Ahhh, pretty, organized bookcases.  Game guides and fiction on the left.  Surgical texts, Bible Studies and non-fiction on the right.

 All of my scrapbooking supplies were moved to the left side of the desk and I can use the open area to work on projects.  The picture frames are off of the shelves so Hubby has room for his school texts and projects.

The Man Cave corner.

 The computer table that you can actually see under all of that stuff.

In the interest of full disclosure, I still have lots of paperwork to go through.  We have 2 double file drawers and one single that are packed full of things that need to be shredded.  It is my plan to finish the paper clutter before I move onto the next hot spot, which is the kids' clothes, toys, books, etc.  

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